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Cub Line N Series

We offer four different models in the Cub series. The first being the Cub Inline. This model is equipped with a complete hydraulic control system, which includes raising and lowering of all plate cylinders during start and stop. Hydraulic motor drives each ink roll separately with variable speed adjustment for each color station.

The second is the Cub Roll to Roll. This press is similar to Cub Inline with the difference being an overhead structure for roll to roll printing. The structure can carry idlers, water cooling rolls, a drying system, unwinder/rewinder and/or flying splice.

The third is the Cub One Color Economy. This is a small one color printer that can be put inline with existing presses.

The Cub Two Color Economy comes complete with unwind/rewind and is capable of handing 15″ rolls. It is capable of handling small or large producing printing.


  • Print width: 10″ to 30″
  • Number of colors: One or two
  • Repeat range: 10″-30″
  • Typically for basic printing for a small range